You are always welcome to visit our gallery in Amsterdam. Here you can see the artworks in person, browse through our collection and check the quality of the prints. If you are not able to visit the gallery, because of the distance or bad weather you can also check out our vibrant collection on our website. If you want to purchase one of our artworks you can always send us an email for more information.

Starting January 2017 QLICK can offer the ‘Kunstkoopregeling’ to our Dutch customers who are interested purchasing art of one of our Dutch artists. Via the Mondriaan Fund we can offer this service which gives you the possibility to pay for the purchase of the artwork in monthly installments, without any interest. Please contact us if you want to know more about this service.

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Whether you are a starting company or already established, QLICK can help you build your art collection through art consultancy. Together we will create a profile of your company, image and art collection so we can give you a focused selection that is custom made for your company. QLICK can also provide presents for business acquaintances. 

“The workshop was great! I’ve learned to look at art in a different way and dared to form my own taste.” – workshop ‘How to Look at Art’ with Young Legal Professionals (YLP).

QLICK organizes different workshops with subjects such as ‘How to Look at Art photography’ or ‘How to Start your own Collection’. This is an ideal event for friends, co-workers and business acquaintances. If you want to know more about the different events, please contact QLICK at info@qlickgallery.com.  

Sometimes it is difficult to decide what to choose as a gift, therefore we designed our unique QLICK gift card. This card gives access to our broad collection of vibrant, exceptional and high quality photography.

– You can choose your own amount
– Personalized with your own message (optional)
– Valid for 12 months from the day of purchase
– Purchases with amount of € 300,- and above come with unique gift wrapping