September 08 – October 20 2018

We are very proud and overly excited to start this new cultural season with the work of Nobuhiro Nakanishi. A specially curated solo show with six distinctive works, amongst them one big center piece of seven meters.

You are invited to celebrate the first show of Nakanishi in The Netherlands starting from 17:00 – 19:00 at QLICK Gallery.

The work of Nakanishi (1976, JP) portrays changes that take place in everyday life, like the sun rising or ice cream melting. These ordinary events were photographed at regular intervals, printed on transparent film and assembled in sequence. He captures the accumulation of time and space and transform this into sculptural photography which allows the viewer to experience the ephemerality of time. Walking around his work gives you a new insight and experience of the portrayed event.

“Different from a painting, it is not cut into a frame. It is neither edited like video images. I can incorporate elements of both time and space as one into this work of creation. In short, it is probably an act of closest to the act of looking at an object in our daily life.” – Nobuhiro Nakanishi

The work of Nakanishi is included in several private and museum collections such as Mori Art Museum Tokyo and The Museum of Modern Art Wakayama.

Layer Drawing - Light of Sunrise 5